Medical Records Request FAQS
1. Who do I list as the recipient for my records?
List the name of the person who you want to receive the records.  This would be the name of your new provider or if you are receiving them on your own behalf, list yourself.
2. What if I don't know my dates of service? 
It is okay if you do not know your dates of service.  Check the box complete medical record.  This permits us to send all necessary documents to the recipient of your records.
3. What if I do not know a doctor's fax number or address to include on the Medical Records Release Form? 
 Include what you do know, such as name and general location (e.g., Dr. Dermatology in Frederick or Hagerstown).  We will obtain the rest of the information and work to ensure your records are sent to the appropriate place.
4. How long will it take for my medical records request to be processed? 
 Per Maryland state guidelines, medical records requests should be processed within 21 business days.